In her new book, Wounds to Wisdom, Orane tells the remarkable story of her journey from fear to financial freedom.

Raised on the island of Mauritius, Orane was one of eight children. Her family immigrated to Sydney, Australia when Orane was ten.

Instead of being a wonderful new experience, it was daunting and at times terrifying. She was bullied at school, had to learn to read and write English, and suffered with attention disorders. Ultimately, this led to an upbringing based on low self-esteem.

She married at 21, had four children, and was abandoned by her husband which triggered episodes of depression and anxiety. After years of adversity, her self-esteem was near-bottom and something snapped inside her. She had no one to rely on, nowhere to turn – except inward.

In her reality of survival mode, she made some dramatic changes in her life. She adopted a spirit of self-discipline, dug herself out of financial destitution and made tremendous strides in overcoming her self-esteem issues. This began a turnaround that would see her become a successful real estate investor and developer, entrepreneur and self-made millionaire.  


Praise for Wounds to Wisdom 

"Well, Orane…did that strike my very core! I read your book...in 2 sittings...as I did have to cook Christmas Dinner in-between! The book was raw, it was real, it was engaging. The depth of your honesty was incredibly inspiring; I felt obliged to reflect on my own journey with a comparable level of honesty and to begin the healing for myself. Thanks for the inspiration." Hazel
"The moment I started reading it, I could not put it down. In my humble opinion, Wounds to Wisdom is a classic, it will help many people change their lives. I admire the way you've kept it simple and described your journey warts and all. All those who are having trouble with life and who want to succeed will relate to your story. It will give hope and inspiration." Andre
"Well done, I liked it, it's a good story and an inspiring story. It's a good piece of work, I congratulate you." Guy
"I read your book and found it timely. It's been a rough ride through this GFC and has often left me questioning my decisions. Your story has prompted me to take a harder look at myself, which I don't like to do. But it's necessary in order for me to grow." Frank
"Congratulations on your wonderful book. It is truly INSPIRING and I have no doubt that many women will be encouraged by your journey. Well done beautiful woman!!!! I read it in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. You have certainly made some WONDERFUL 'LIFE - CHOICES'!!!!" Julie

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Wounds to Wisdom

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