Orane Swan is a motivational speaker and is available to speak at your events and seminars. Orane has addressed audiences as a keynote speaker on a variety of topics. If you wish to arrange for Orane to speak at your event, please contact us.

Orane's Personal Experience

Orane was born in Mauritius, from a third world island and being the seventh of eight children, she understands the meaning of struggle and poverty.

Orane moved to Sydney at the age of ten, it was a daunting experience as she was unable to speak English; French was her first language. She was bullied at school as a new Australian. She endured great difficulty with her school work. Orane found it challenging to concentrate, retain information and pass her exams. This led to low self-esteem and confidence.  She spent most her life feeling debilitated by her lack of self-esteem hence the reason she has a passion for educating women in self-esteem.

She married at 21 years of age and believed that her marriage would last til death do us part. The marriage was unstable and her husband left her resulting in her becoming a single parent. As a single mother of four children having to deal with life’s adversities, she finally managed to raise above it, and excelled beyond her wildest imagination.

"I have real empathy for all women who are going through difficulties. My passion for people calls me to share my wisdom in the hope that I can teach others the superior skills to deal with life’s challenges."

The greatest investment she made was in 1992 when a friend gave her a book called "Unlimited Power" by Anthony Robbins. This was the first of many books to influence her life and future. “I began to invest in my most precious asset...me." She faced her fears and resigned from a very well paid Public Service position as a Senior Manager to pursue her passion for property and entrepreneurial flair. In 10 years she has created a passive rental income of $550,000 per annum. 

Orane's Business Experience

Orane has outstanding sales and negotiating skills and has extensive sales and marketing experience.

  • 30 Years Sales and Marketing Experience
  • Real Estate Licensee
  • Finance Broker
  • Life Coach and Mentor
  • Orane Property and Lifestyles Pty Ltd (Passion4Property)

Orane's Property Experience

Orane has 30 years’ experience in buying, selling, renovating, subdividing and property development.

  • Director Bos Developments - 53 River Front Units in Caboolture
  • Director MMS Developments - Joint Venture 11 Luxury Units Scarborough
  • Director Moorooka Mall - Joint Venture
  • Director Orane Property and Lifestyles Pty Ltd 
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