Seven Steps To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence And Be The Person You Want To Be

When we are emotionally healthy, we are in control of our emotions and our behaviour. There are various factors that affect our emotional intelligence, for example, depression, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, work-life balance, negative thoughts and relationships. Keeping on Track™ can help you improve your emotional intelligence and provide you tools and strategies to manage life's challenges and opportunities.


I invested a lot of time working to improve my emotional intelligence. I identified the triggers for my depression and developed strategies to prevent relapses. I changed my lifestyle to eliminate elements that aggravate depression and anxiety and include activities that help relieve depression and anxiety. I speak from my own experience. The concepts and insights that I share reflect my own results and transformation. Our goal is not to advise but to educate you on the principles that will help improve your emotional intelligence and transform your life.

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