depression-to-destinyFor many years, I was in denial about the fact that I was depressed. When I finally developed the courage to get out of denial, I made a decision—I was going to do whatever was necessary to overcome this impediment.

I performed lots of research about my condition and I started to develop strategies to overcome my depression. Every time the going got tough, I put these strategies into practice.

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Financial Stress

  • It’s a fact that 30 percent of women have higher levels of stress about finances, in comparison to 17 percent of men stressing over money.
  • 62 percent of women claimed they had ‘some’ financial stress.
  • From a questionnaire filled out by more than 1000 people, 10 percent of women reported ‘overwhelming financial stress’ compared to only 3 percent in men.

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The Facts

  • One in four women and one in six men will suffer from depression at some stage in their lives. 
  • Each year, almost 800,000 Australian adults will experience a depressive illness. 
  • Depression is the third most common cause of illness among women and the tenth most common cause of illness among men.

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