passingthebuckWho is responsible for teaching our kids financial education?

"Financial education should be a subject at high school," say the many when lamenting the high proportion of the Australian population who manage their money ineffectively. The degrees of ineffectiveness and the areas of life they affect are countless. So, let’s go and blame it on 'the system’.

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Money is one of the most emotionally charged issues of our lives. Most of us are willing to give up things that are much more valuable than money in order to get more of it. We’ll push ourselves far beyond our past limitations. We’ll give up time with our family and friends, go to such extremes that some of us will even destroy our health. Money is a powerful foundation in our lives.

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  • Do you lie awake at night worrying about money?
  • Do you have the anxiety of dealing with bill collectors?
  • Do you feel bad about yourself because you are not financially independent, or unable give your family the life they deserve?
  • Are important relationships in your life suffering because of money?
  • Do you feel panic or guilt because you have not planned for retirement?

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