womenlifejourneyOur journey through life is remarkable with our aspirations and priorities changing along the way.

The Teenage and Twenties

In our late teenage years and our twenties, we are dominated by our ego. We are eager to establish our identity. We live life to its fullest in an effort to define what makes us tick. We experiment with cigarettes, alcohol and often drugs, our lives are chaotic.

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  • Women own 585,000 of the 1.9 million small businesses operating in Australia
  • Women own almost half of all home-based businesses and one-third of businesses operating from other locations
  • Women setting up businesses from home are the fastest growing sector of the Australian economy
  • 46% of women run their businesses from home

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  • Of the 4.3 million people in Queensland, females just edge ahead of males with a 50.42 percent count
  • Females in Queensland are more likely to complete secondary school and attain higher education qualifications than men
  • More women choose to study arts and humanties than technology, science or engineering

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orane-150x150Over the past decade we have seen a steady increase in the number of female entrepreneurs.

Women now make up more than 40 percent of all entrepreneurs. The factors that motivate or drive female entrepreneurs are often quite different.

What motivates female entrepreneurs?

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Orane's Challenges

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