womenlifejourneyOur journey through life is remarkable with our aspirations and priorities changing along the way.

The Teenage and Twenties

In our late teenage years and our twenties, we are dominated by our ego. We are eager to establish our identity. We live life to its fullest in an effort to define what makes us tick. We experiment with cigarettes, alcohol and often drugs, our lives are chaotic.

We get involved in dysfunctional relationships, often breaking our hearts. We never question the meaning of life or our purpose.

The Thirties

In our thirties, we start feeling the need to succeed. We have tasted what life has to offer, it is now time to choose a path to follow and to focus our efforts on success. We sharpen the skills that we know we will need to succeed on our chosen path. We start to understand more about who we are and what we want to achieve in our lives. Our frienships change, we strengthen the friendships we know will remain with us throughout our lives and we let go of the ones we know will not survive the test of time. Throughout this period, we have a silent undercurrent of spiritual restlessness. It's not loud enough to hear but sometimes we can feel its presence.

The Forties

In our forties, we reach the pinnacle of our life and we also hit the dreaded midlife crisis. We are unwilling to let go of our youth and we spend time and money trying to prevent the inevitible. The silent undercurrent of restlessness calls out louder and we often find ourselves wondering if this is all there is. At this stage, many of us are divorced and we are suffering low self-esteem, isolation and loneliness. We do some serious soul searching during this period of our lives. We start thinking about our personal values and what is important to us. We remind ourselves of our interests and ambitions and the dreams that we had for ourselves in our younger years. We start to question the meaning of life and our purpose within it. Feelings of guilt sometimes emerge...could I be a better parent, could I be a better partner, could I be a better friend and we reflect back on some of the things we have done in our lives. Some of us come out conscious and enlightened and others feel unwilling and unable to make the changes necessary and continue to go through the motion of life.

The Fifties and Beyond

In our fifties, we see some major life changes. Our children have grown and left the nest. We have lost the spark of youth and for most of us, we start our journey through menopause. We realise that success does not mean happiness. For some of us comes the realisation that our marriage or relationships no longer meets our expectations. We need to find our purpose and our passion and we feel the need for transformation. We start formulating a strategy at the crossroads of our life. 

Thanks to modern medicine, most of us assume to live into our seventies and eighties, we take our longevity for granted. The more active, energetic and involved we remain in our middle and later lives, the more likely we are to avhieve physical wellbeing, emotional stability and sound mental health. Enterprise challenges creativity and is a fundamental part of survival, without dreams we decline and turn old before our time.

"I believe that the search for life’s purpose can begin only after a person has made enough mistakes or learnt enough lessons. Some of us are fortunate enough that we learn quickly; for others like me it takes a lifetime and when the penny drops you think that much of the pain, anguish and discomfort could have been prevented. My ego had a lot to answer for, I felt it was more important to be right or to be kind. I could have prevented some of the heartache in my life, I could have prevented my soul being devoured by hostility and revenge. I lost invaluable time and I don't want anyone to repeat these mistakes.”

Keeping on Track™ is here to help women achieve their highest potential throughout their lives. We don't want people to look back with regret at the things they didn't do, we want to help people look forward and achieve the things they want to do. We want to help people find their purpose, to help them achieve their dreams and true happiness. Read more about our program.

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